Do you think Class Size Matters? If so, let your voice be heard!

Yesterday, the President put out a new campaign ad about the importance of class size (see below.).
This goes along with an excellent White House report released last weekend, prepared by the Council of Economic Advisers on the benefits of smaller classes.  
We immediately put out a press release, along with other parent leaders from throughout the country, thanking the President for this report, but pointing out that his administration has proposed an education budget that would cut $650M from federal class size reduction funds.
His Education Secretary Arne Duncan has also told right wing groups over the last few years that he thinks that schools should respond to budget cuts with “smartly targeted increases in class size.” 
Last night, the President made another speech about the importance of smaller classes in Nevada, and he tweeted the following message:
Use the hashtag #ClassSizeMatters to share why you think our kids need more teachers in the classroom.
This has been followed by hundreds of tweets from parents and teachers and others, explaining why they think it does.
I hope that all you who are already on twitter might take a few seconds to send out a message about why you think #ClassSizeMatters and copy the president at @BarackObama and me at @leoniehaimson 
Please also retweet this message I sent out last night to Arne Duncan:
Parents know that #ClassSizeMatters @BarackObama knows that #ClassSizeMatters Do you agree @ArneDuncan? pl RT if so!
For those of you who aren’t on twitter yet, I urge you to join because it can be a very effective and quick way to get your message out.  Just go to and sign up. It takes only a couple of minutes.  Then click on @leoniehaimson to follow me and I will follow you as well.
It is not every day that the President sends out a message confirming the goals of your organization.  Let your voice be heard. 

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