CEC 20 resolution supporting boycott of the field tests!

The Community Education Council in District 20 in Brooklyn called a special meeting and unanimously passed a resolution in support of the boycott of the field tests.  Here are articles about this growing movement: GothamSchools, WSJ, SchoolBook. Bravo!

Resolution:  In Support of Parents Boycott of Stand-Alone Field Tests

WHEREAS, our children have just spent six days in April taking New York State standardized tests in English and Math, which was nearly double the time compared to last year, and

Whereas, this April's exams included up to 30% field test questions, which were embedded to try out for future tests and do not count in children's scores; however, they make the tests substantially longer, so that most children spent up to nine hours testing and children with IEPs up to eighteen hours testing over the six day period, and

Whereas, Pearson Publishing and NYSED [NY State Education Department] have not asked parents' permission to utilize our children as research subjects for Pearson's financial benefit as a for-profit company, and

Whereas, eighth grade students will be preparing for Regents exams in June and will be losing valuable instructional time to stand-alone field tests. 

Therefore, be it resolved, that Community Education Council District 20 finds it unacceptable that even more valuable classroom time be allocated to the administering of test questions and

Further resolved, that Community Education Council District 20 supports the parents' boycott of the field tests, as there are no negative consequences for our schools or our children if they do not take these stand-alone tests.                          


Passed Unanimously on May 23, 2012
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