More errors on the Pearson's NYS math exams this week

Given reports today of more errors in this week's 4th grade and 8thgrade NYS math exams (see below), added to the absurd passage and questions on the 8th grade ELA exam, now known as Pineapplegate, we say three strikes and you’re out.  Pearson should be made to forfeit their $32 million contract.   
If our children make errors on these high-stakes exams, this will have negative consequences for them, as well as for their teachers and schools.  So why should Pearson, which had nearly $2 billion in profits last year, be left off the hook for their sloppy mistakes? Where's the accountability for them?   Leave a comment about what you think about this.
Message from NYSED to NYS principals last night:
Re 4th grade math: “Question 58 on all test forms has two correct answers. If during this test any student asks about Question 58, proctors may advise the student that there are two correct answers to this question.”
And re 8th grade math: “Due to a typographical error, there is no correct answer to Question 13 on this test form. Proctors may tell students before the test begins that there is no correct answer for this question and students should mark any answer to this question on their answer sheets. Because it is an embedded field test question, Question 13 does not count toward students’ scores.”
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