Joel Klein will rake in the dough

Joel Klein will reportedly make over $4 million a year at NewsCorp.

Let’s hope that Murdoch takes a total bath on this one, and he and Klein aren't able to make a penny off of poor kids – either here in NYC or in Africa – by selling bogus “educational” video games supposed to lead to real learning.

Kids, parents and teachers have suffered enough as a result of Klein's delusional and damaging fantasies about what constitutes a quality educator; see what principals said were their hopes for an entirely new direction for our schools now that he is gone.

Klein was reportedly a poor manager at his last private job –Bertelsmann — and was a terrible manager at DOE. The only reason he lasted as long as he did with all the expensive blunders, no-bid contracts, consultants , reorganizations, and wasted millions was because he had a boss, himself wrongly purported to be a good manager, who either wasn’t paying attention or didn’t give a damn.

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