Times says Cathie Black "Spectacle" Out of Control

Javier Hernandez of the NY Times has some devastating coverage of the candidacy of Cathie Black for the position of chancellor:
Ms. Black has repeatedly declined interviews, allowing other voices to fill the void. Some have called her a second coming of Mr. Klein, often criticized as stubborn. Her harshest detractors have compared her to Sarah Palin for her lack of experience.

The uproar has frustrated City Hall aides, who feel as if they have lost control of the story line and who are looking for ways to beat back accusations that Ms. Black is unqualified, said an individual close to the process who requested anonymity for fear of upsetting the mayor.

He ends with this most alarming note:
She is also spending time reaching out to elected officials, labor leaders, scholars and education leaders, including Michelle A. Rhee, a former Washington schools chancellor, in hopes of building a broader base of support.
Ouch! The divisive Rhee was widely credited with costing the Washington mayor his job.

Black should talk to some parents and teachers instead.

Full article here.
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