Secret Bloomberg Plan to Retain School Control

June 18, 2009 (GBN News): Mayor Michael Bloomberg, fearing that State Senate gridlock could doom his control of the city school system, has quietly begun making plans to stage what would effectively amount to a coup d’etat, sources told GBN News. While the Mayor remains committed to some semblance of a democratic process, the sources said, he is also determined to protect the public from the sort of civil disturbances that he has predicted would ensue if Mayoral control is allowed to sunset.

Mr. Bloomberg is said to be spending substantial amounts of his own money to hire Xe Worldwide (formerly Blackwater Worldwide) to seize the NY City school system at midnight on June 30 if Mayoral control lapses at that time. But since even Mr. Bloomberg’s billions could not buy enough manpower to fully occupy each and every school, the plan calls for focusing on strategic assets such as the schools’ robocall machines.

Once in control of the communications apparatus, Schools Chancellor Joel Klein would deploy his own sizeable cadre of Public Relations employees to send out calls to each and every parent. The calls will intimidate parents with the recorded voice of Tony Soprano, telling them, “If you ever want to see your school again, you’ll keep your mouth shut and let the Mayor run it.”

When reached for comment, a spokesperson for Xe Worldwide denied any involvement with the Mayor. However, a source at Xe told GBN News that many of their employees have taken to calling themselves “Soldiers of Bloomberg’s Fortune”.
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