PS 123 in Harlem: do not apply. Space reserved for charter school

Though the mayor and the chancellor often talk about increasing parental choice, in reality they are trying to undermine our neighborhood public schools in order to make way for charter school expansion – as quickly as possible -- whether parents like it or not.

In today’s
Daily News Juan Gonzalez reveals that while PS 123, a successful school in Harlem, had 644 parents applying to their new middle school, DOE drastically capped enrollment to give Eva Moskowitz’ charter school maximum space inside their building:

"Parents at a neighborhood public school suddenly learn Chancellor Joel Klein has decreed they must surrender scarce classroom space in their building for a new charter school. No parent or faculty meeting to gauge whether anyone wants the new school. No official vote of the local Community Education Council.

Some young bureaucrat from the city Education Department's Office of Portfolio Development arrives one day with a bunch of maps under his arm and promptly orders a new allocation of rooms."

Boom. Done. All part of Klein's rush to create 100,000 new charter school seats over the next few years."

The result? Half the current fifth-graders at PS 123 were reassigned to other schools in the neighborhood, enraging the parents at the school.

As he writes: “In no suburban school system in the state would parent concerns be so flagrantly disregarded. Sadly, Bloomberg's style of mayoral control has become more like a dictatorship with velvet gloves.”

Except many of us do not see the velvet.

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